Published: 2018-09-05

This video is called "A PERFECT FUCK 2" from a DVD due to come out on December 5th. Two hot dudes selected by Berry are sizing each other up before an intense bedroom fuck. Let's see who we like the most! Get your tissues ready!

Some like it hard, deep and rough, some like it slow and sensual. Some like to fuck, others like to kiss and rub, enjoying every caress, slowly building up to an intense orgasm. Like the two boys on a skying holiday, making out in front of a fire. Delicious and so horny!

Dans son petit village au fond de la France, Romain s'ennuie. Il a beau lancer toutes les applis, personne n'est connecté. Trop dur de se trouver un plan cul. En plus il peut pas bouger, il a pas le permis. Quand un mec vicelard lui parle et lui dit qu'il peut le retrouver dans les bois près de chez lui pour un délire, le minet musclé bande grave. Le mec lui propose de le filmer en train de se branler. Un moment d'exhib bien chaud, sans retenue. Romain a tellement besoin de se vider les couilles avec un mâle qu'il accepte. Il a besoin de cracher, il a besoin du regard d'un homme sur lui. Il va tout donner.

A sexy thirty year old is going about with his workout at home, getting hot and sweaty. The effort and rush of blood through his muscles makes him horny and his hands goes right into his undies to grab his big package...Big juicy cock, low hanging balls full of cream!

It's Monday morning and a young dude from South of France should be going to work right now but instead he's decided to stay home...His mind is not focused on his career or his job. He can't stop thinking about sex. On his laptop a collection of porn movies is keeping him hard as he slowly stroke his big juicy cock. He keeps on watching them building up a nice load as his ball-sack tightens up...

After having had a boyfriend for 4 years without ever cheating on him, Flo, a hot little twink, has decided to live new experiences. So here he is on a sofa beside a total stranger whose name is Kevin. He is dark-haired, smooth, cute and very greedy. Flo discovers once again the pleasure of a straight forward session. He gets his large cock sucked off by another sexy boy and he loves it!

Two cute french boys leaving with their parents have been chatting online about gay sex. They never had the chance to meet until now. In a forest, late at night, under the light of a car, no one will ever know that they tasted cock for the first time!



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