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Published: 2019-03-21

It is usually forbidden to try out underwear before you buy it, even in a sex shop...But, when the request comes from a super hot dude, the shop assistant is happy to make an exception. He even offers him the best in customer service: a deep blow-job and his tight ass to fuck.

Published: 2019-03-20

Four beautiful bodies, straight from the Greek mythology that belong to four of the hottest twinks. Angel faces, amazing built, mouth-watering cocks and inviting tight holes...Ummm...the things we'd do to them! In the mean time, let's watch them play!

Published: 2019-03-11

Jessy and his 8,5 inch cock is back to play with two new porn-stars wannabes. He's back for a hot casting video where the boys compete to be the best at taking their new friend's massive dick!

Published: 2019-02-26

This story starts with a quick chat on BeurOnline. Two young males agree on a time and a place for a good time. They both seem to like group action and decide to invite another three boys to the festivities.... Five horny twinks get together for a fuck-feast!

Published: 2019-02-14

"The Boy of the Lake" is a gay porn remake of Alain Guiraudie' s "The Unknown of the Lake," which won the Queer Palm at Cannes in 2013. Shot on location on a real cruising spot, "The Boy of the Lake" spices up the frame of the original film with gay porn scenes. Follow the meetings of Dylan Donovan, a young wild man, who likes to spend his afternoons cruising. Passion and lovemaking but also thriller and murder will await you!

Published: 2019-02-09

A young gay couple book a room in a hostel to spend their holidays. Right off they notice the charming manager: a young masculine guy with tattoos and a little goatee. When he tells them to not hesitate and contact him if they need anything they take him up on his offer! They've never had a threesome and they occasion is too good to miss! Check this out!

Published: 2019-02-02

BERRY found two young inexperienced actors and brought them together. The result is highly entertaining to say the least: The two cute Frenchies start off with a hot 69, rimming and ass-fingering to finish fucking in all and every position like two little porn stars showing great potential. check this out!

Published: 2019-01-21

Marco gets the visit of two of his fuck-buddies for what promises to be a hot session. On his right, Bouly, always horny and ready for action, on his left, Leo, small smooth passive dude who likes to take it hard. Our three dudes are going to make the best of the sofa and coffee table for some serious cock and ass fun!

Published: 2019-01-04

Two young lads are moving out of their old flat. The take a break in the middle of boxes. They get down on each other before fucking like there's no tomorrow on top of the coffee table.

Published: 2018-12-14

When he comes into his friend's bedroom and finds him wanking completely naked on the bed, he can't believe his luck. He's fancied him for years! He asks the hot naked boy if he needs a hand with his massive hard-on...And the answer is yes! The two boys are tops but they so want to fuck a hole right now that they find a compromise: they will fuck each-other. This is one hot session between to extremely cute boys not to be missed!

Published: 2018-12-09

Josh has invited over Dimitri and Binjamin. Right from the start of this video, you can tell that the three twinks are not meeting up for tea. They start deep-kissing and from there, the three twinks literally break loose in a trio worthy of an orgy!

Published: 2018-12-04

Look at this horny fuck! Right from the start he shoves a plug up his tight hole to stretch it. He's getting ready for what's to come... He wants cock up his ass! The dude is cute so it won't be difficult to get some!