Romeo Lange

Romeo Lange

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Published: 2019-04-10

When Leo Helios and his boyfriend go on holidays it's to live new experiences and have loads of fun! The couple is back from a nudist beach and they're hitch-hiking back to their rented mobile-home. A tall sexy dude stops to give them a lift and of course they invite him in to thank him the way they know: sex! The hunky guy gets his package massed by Leo while his boyfriend wanks his cock. After a bit of oral fun the hunk turns out to be a bottom and gives his ass to Leo's bf and he loves it! Quickly Leo takes the lead and makes sure he is at the center of the action. He gets spit-roasted an ends up covered with two loads of cum!

Published: 2018-09-12

Two gay friends are now roommates. They have two different lifestyles. One is a student, absorbed by his books, the other is a party animal who's obsessed with sex. One morning the college boy finds his friend in his bed with his hands tied up behind his back and he decides it's time for some fun. He reveals his true nature: a hot little fucker who knows how to use his big dick!

Published: 2018-07-30

The Berry Boys are gathering for some hot afternoon cum action. Four beauties with different styles: macho, playboy, twinks... A great mix for an exciting fuck-session!