PEOPLE X - Berryboys
Time: 91 minutes
"Angel and Loan, sons of Stars, receive 3 guests in their beautiful villa of the South of France. The bodyguards, the driver (Tony Demo), the cook and the gardener make the maximum to serve and satisfy them. And the V.I.P. are ardent of desire ! Duos, threesomes and more, incest, crime and lust. Celebrity's life, that makes dream!!!"
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A young gay couple book a room in a hostel to spend their holidays. Right off they notice the charming manager: a young masculine guy with tattoos and a little goatee. When he tells them to not hesitate and contact him if they need anything they take him up on his offer! They've never had a threesome and they occasion is too good to miss! Check this out!

When he comes into his friend's bedroom and finds him wanking completely naked on the bed, he can't believe his luck. He's fancied him for years! He asks the hot naked boy if he needs a hand with his massive hard-on...And the answer is yes! The two boys are tops but they so want to fuck a hole right now that they find a compromise: they will fuck each-other. This is one hot session between to extremely cute boys not to be missed!

Two men have been recruited to serve a young middle-class male in a mansion. While he is entertaining some friends the two employees are bored and decide to have fun in the kitchen but before they even get the time to take their clothes off their young boss walks through the door. He is younger, smaller and lighter than them but he wants to join in and because he is the one who pays their wages he does what the fuck he wants! He grabs them, kisses them, tastes their cocks and gets them to suck him. The rich little daddy's boy loves to be the boss and fuck his workers' ass!

When a young daddy's boy invites friends over it's always something special. He is totally obsessed by sex and the little pervert first pushes his first guest seated next to him to wank in front of a porn movie. Seeing that the boy is highly turned on by playing with cocks he asks one of his servants to come and suck him off. While the guys uses the employee's mouth another servant arrives and asks if he can join in. A foursome worth watching a few times!

You should always ask to get permission before taking pictures of a dude in the nude…especially if he's a celebrity and has a personal bodyguard! This poor photographer gets caught red handed and has to do his best to avoid the worst. On his knees and naked, he's forced to suck cock and repay for his unauthorized intrusion then...come in and see for yourself

Two dudes enjoy the view of their newly hired gardener; sweating under the sun…They call him over to put him to the test. The job description said: Multi-talented… Let's find out if he's as good with his mouth and ass as he is with his hands…

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