LES BATARDS - Berryboys
Time: 96 minutes
" In this bakery, everybody has its cock in the hand! Find Bruno Barron and 9 new guys in this place filled with good smells. The salesman fucks with the customers, the boss is screwed by the representatives and the workers fuck between each other. A young virgin apprentice is going be hazed by all the team and he will ask for more! Until the final orgy ... ! "
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Published: 2018-09-21

In a bakery, the boss arrives in the morning, looking preoccupied. The young apprentice asks him what's wrong and his boss admits having a problem with his wife. She doesn't want to have sex anymore and he hasn't shot his load in weeks! The young employee is eager to help his boss feel better. He kneels down and grabs his cock. Reluctant at the start, the straight man soon realizes that the boy is much better at sucking cock than his own wife! He's totally seduced by the young male and even gets a to suck his very first dick. When a second employee comes in and joins the action, the straight man has already forgotten his marital problems!

Published: 2018-06-26

Everyone is after the baker of a little town in France. Anything goes to meet the sexy craftsman. Today he's told he can get a discount if he accepts to have sex with a young salesman. He's got a reputation...apparently he can't say no to cock so when the young commercial turns up, he is quickly down on his knees to suck his big cock and before you know it, the baker's got a big loaf baking in his ass!

There's a group session happening in the basement of a bakery. The apprentice sucks off the baker's cock, a colleague joins in… The dude in charge of the cash register adds his big bread roll to the fun and a client left alone, decides to cum down to see what's happening… Sales are down today but the cocks are up and nobody's complaining!

Grab your pens; here is a special sex recipe by a fuck master especially for you in this video. Take a well-hung chef, two willing apprentices, some useful kitchenware for skillful insertions, loads of rubbing, stroking and sucking action and of course….most important, a pair of nice hot tight asses ready to serve…

Published: 2018-06-14

Two guys are sucking each other's cock in their kitchen when a delivery boy shows up. They force him to suck dicks and use a banana on the poor boy's ass, then comes a big load for the delivery boy!

Published: 2018-10-28

A young dude in a pastry shop is gonna treat himself to something tastier than a cream cake: The big-rolling pin lying in between the baker's legs… The handsome chef is going to keep his customer happy!

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